War, war never changes, ever since man discovered the killing power of rock, bone and fire we have waged endless bloody battles, some over the idea of religion, others for real estate, and even some for simple ideas such as love and honor. On October 23, 2077, the United States, China, and other nuclear-armed countries commenced a brief but rapid exchange of nuclear strikes. Although the conflict lasted only two hours, the destruction it brought was staggering and complete: more energy was released in the early moments of the war than in all previous global conflicts combined. A number of people took to the great underground vaults to survive, but those that didn’t get into the vaults had to make there way in the war torn radioactive wasteland, small groups banded together forming tribes, the remnants of the U.S. Government formed what is known today as the Enclave while those that had been the Military became the Brotherhood of Steel, small intermediary governments popped up, some lead by tribal families others yet became provincial government bodies such a the New California Republic who focused on expanding their control to the borders of the Colorado river and north. Caesars legion who maintained strict control east of the Colorado was controlled by a man simply known as Caesar he and his legates maintained a powerful slave army and controlled east of the colorado river to the borders of Texas and up into colorado and utah. Here in the Republic of Cascadia a new provincial government has taken root and started to rebuild from the ashes a new civilization to thrive in the cascade mountains, the ruins of Seattle have become the capital of the Republic and have brought warring tribal factions together, east of the cascades lies the golden wastes and beyond that the Rocky Mountains. It is up to you to decide who you will become, Raider boss, tribal warlord, Paladin of the Brotherhood, and more.

But war, war never changes.

This will follow the fallout PnP rules for character creation, but will also be a faction based game using the wasteland warfare rules.

Combining tactical warfare gameplay within roleplay

Character creation is simple

You are Human

you start with 5s in all your base stats
Strength 5
Perception 5
Endurance 5
Charisma 5
Intelligence 5
Agility 5
Luck 5

you then get 5 points to spread across your characters attributes

Step 2:
Pick 3 tag skills, these are skills that are moderately boosted above other skills, tag skills are skills your character specializes in.

Step 3: Pick traits, traits are special features that make your character unique, a character may have up to 2 traits. Traits are double edged swords sometimes giving a bonus and a draw back in some cases.

Step 4: Finishing touches
Characters begin play with a 10mm pistol
20 rounds of ammunition
a combat knife
a canteen
and a Pipboy 2000 (There are other variants and newer models)
A set of clothes
2 Stimpacks
30 Caps

Step 5: picking your squad. (Optional)
You can choose to start with a squad of basic level characters or recruit through game play

Fallout cascadia:wasteland warfare

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